What cops need to know about the new Ruger LCP II

The LCP II is the second generation of the concealment classic The Ruger LCP has been around for nearly a decade and it is often referred to as the de facto standard in lightweight compact pistols – beloved by police officers and concealed carry licensees. The LCP is chambered in 380 ACP with a magazine capacity of six rounds. It is recoil operated, hammer fired and probably as small as a handgun in this cartridge can be manufactured using today’s materials and technology. The pistol is tiny, which means it can be carried effortlessly in a deep concealment capacity. It is a near perfect combination of size, reliability, safety and price.   Despite its design merits, many users complained about the LCP’s rudimentary sights, which are...  Read More

Ruger American

Gun Review: Ruger American Pistol (9mm) Jeremy S. Researching the web, it seems the Ruger American Pistol’s not exactly a hit with some YouTube gun reviewers. After a weekend spent shooting several hundred rounds through Ruger’s new striker-fired handgun, I believe the RAP’s getting a bum rap. . . I put the first hundred rounds plus twenty accuracy testing rounds through the RAP at Sharp Shooting Indoor Range & Gun Shop, which has a few more in stock and one in the rental case. It ran like a top and chewed up the 10-ring. Strong hand, weak hand, both hands, no matter. That said, I’m not a big fan of standing still and shooting at paper indoors. So I spent Sunday in the woods. Unfortunately, it was around 11° ...  Read More